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16-Nov-2018 ADG supports complaints handling initiative PDF (6.18mb)
01-Nov-2018 Part of a wider discussion PDF (6.41mb)
01-Nov-2018 Aren’t we all dental care professionals? A student’s perspective PDF (276.02kb)
09-Oct-2018 Talent gathers at ADG Awards PDF (5.70mb)
16-Aug-2018 CDS takes steps to make dental visits easier PDF (768.29kb)
01-Aug-2018 A shared focus on patient care PDF (10.82mb)
01-Aug-2018 Support for Corporate Providers and Groups PDF (1.22mb)
08-Jun-2018 Skills mix to remain a priority PDF (1.20mb)
25-May-2018 Congratulations to Rodericks Dental PDF (4.70mb)
09-May-2018 Key Advocate for the profession PDF (5.67mb)
09-May-2018 Key issues discussed at roundtable event PDF (4.61mb)
16-Apr-2018 Patient outcomes a priority PDF (1.20mb)
16-Apr-2018 Association of Dental Groups (ADG) confident that more can be done PDF (3.50mb)
16-Apr-2018 Last chance! Closing date 30th June PDF (3.62mb)
28-Feb-2018 Accolades key to driving advancement PDF (797.68kb)
28-Feb-2018 Patient outcomes a priority PDF (1.20mb)
22-Jan-2018 Collaboration with Parliament needed PDF (1.20mb)
11-Jan-2018 Campaign for skills mix to continue throughout 2018 PDF (5.67mb)
09-Jan-2018 Deadline nears PDF (999.42kb)
08-Dec-2017 Triple award success for ADG member, CDS PDF (779.40kb)
08-Dec-2017 Entries now open! PDF (1.07mb)
21-Nov-2017 Teeth Team wows with website PDF (4.55mb)
09-Nov-2017 CDS holds successful study day PDF (3.48mb)
09-Nov-2017 Creating Dental Excellence PDF (5.26mb)
09-Nov-2017 House of Commons joins the fray PDF (13.54mb)
10-Oct-2017 A United NHS? PDF (3.43mb)
04-Sep-2017 Exciting changes in store for ADG Bursary Awards PDF (7.37mb)
15-Aug-2017 Reaching out to the community PDF (638.13kb)
15-Aug-2017 Dental nurse to practice manager PDF (579.12kb)
07-Jul-2017 Smiles all round PDF (8.87mb)
07-Jul-2017 Change at the ADG PDF (1.20mb)
15-Jun-2017 A Triple-Pronged Problem PDF (1.08mb)
13-Jun-2017 Dental therapy in practice PDF (723.81kb)
08-Jun-2017 Smile Together launches ‘Brighter Smiles’ PDF (401.25kb)
08-Jun-2017 Teeth Team Triumphs PDF (177.46kb)
18-May-2017 A collaborative effort PDF (692.09kb)
18-May-2017 Support is here to help the profession when it needs it most PDF (932.69kb)
20-Apr-2017 Life as a trainee PDF (1.48mb)
20-Apr-2017 Skill mix in dentistry PDF (1.15mb)
21-Mar-2017 Students Awarded at the ADG Bursary Awards 2017 PDF (9.35mb)
15-Mar-2017 A Day In The Life – An enriching and stimulating career PDF (301.23kb)
14-Mar-2017 Sugar reduction seminar PDF (46.79kb)
07-Mar-2017 Help is always given to those that need it PDF (227.45kb)
07-Mar-2017 The Dentists’ Health Support Trust Needs You PDF (833.22kb)
10-Feb-2017 The ADG considers the impact of Brexit PDF (1.40mb)
04-Jan-2017 The Implications of Brexit PDF (6.14mb)
21-Dec-2016 A day in the life: community dental services PDF (878.45kb)
19-Dec-2016 Time running out on ADG Bursary Awards PDF (517.14kb)
23-Nov-2016 A day in the life – from trainee dental nurse to multi-site manager
09-Nov-2016 A day in the life: practising in the New Forest PDF (1.23mb)
03-Nov-2016 Applications Now Open to Undergraduate Students PDF (939.25kb)
03-Nov-2016 The Countdown to the Bursary Awards Begins PDF (6.43mb)
03-Nov-2016 Bursary Award Applications Now Open PDF (6.47mb)
29-Sep-2016 A day in the life: associate dentist PDF (1.10mb)
29-Sep-2016 A day in the life: community dental services PDF (976.64kb)
29-Sep-2016 The ADG Awards Return PDF (905.15kb)
29-Sep-2016 Unique Opportunity For Undergraduate Students PDF (6.94mb)
29-Sep-2016 Mouth Cancer CPD Module Returns PDF (1,020.40kb)
09-Jun-2016 A day in the life: experienced dental hygienist PDF (999.16kb)
23-May-2016 A day in the life: group director PDF (1.11mb)
10-Mar-2016 A day in the life of: lead dentist PDF (1.08mb)
07-Mar-2016 Success Story PDF (795.72kb)
09-Feb-2016 The Link Between Viruses and Oral Cancer PDF (182.15kb)
09-Feb-2016 Addiction Awareness PDF (754.20kb)
17-Dec-2015 Be Prepared – Take the Oral Cancer CPD Module PDF (96.82kb)
17-Dec-2015 Another Launch, Another Chance To Help PDF (60.58kb)
20-Nov-2015 A day in the life: practice manager PDF (1.70mb)
10-Nov-2015 The Latest Research In The Battle Against Oral Cancer PDF (56.09kb)
10-Nov-2015 Be Prepared – Take the Oral Cancer CPD Module PDF (2.57mb)
06-Nov-2015 Another Launch, Another Chance To Help PDF (4.09mb)
28-Oct-2015 A day in the life: multi-site manager PDF (1.39mb)
21-Oct-2015 Representing the profession PDF (1.73mb)
13-Oct-2015 A day in the life: associate dentist PDF (1.75mb)
24-Sep-2015 A day in the life: young associate dentist PDF (1.64mb)
16-Sep-2015 A day in the life: lead dental nurse PDF (1,018.17kb)
08-Sep-2015 ADG Bursary Awards 2016 PDF (5.78mb)
26-Aug-2015 Postgraduate Bursary Award PDF (5.28mb)
26-Aug-2015 The Dental Training Programme – the pledge to support areas of deprivation PDF (783.19kb)
07-Jul-2015 The Teeth Team PDF (562.24kb)
07-Jul-2015 Applications now open! PDF (181.85kb)
30-Jun-2015 Corporate award winners PDF (2.06mb)
30-Jun-2015 Associate indemnity PDF (1.30mb)
08-Jun-2015 The Teeth Team – Improving Child Oral Health PDF (42.06kb)
27-May-2015 The Association of Dental Groups 2016 Bursary Awards PDF (40.14kb)
20-May-2015 Let’s talk about mouth cancer PDF (68.63kb)
20-May-2015 Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer Logo PDF (312.34kb)
20-May-2015 Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer Group Picture PDF (7.37mb)
23-Apr-2015 Everything you need to know about apprenticeships PDF (70.86kb)
07-Apr-2015 Stress and mental health in dentistry PDF (13.59mb)
10-Mar-2015 Social responsibility in action PDF (79.64kb)
03-Mar-2015 Professionalism in Dentistry PDF (68.58kb)
25-Feb-2015 Associate indemnity PDF (376.42kb)
17-Feb-2015 Association of Dental Groups announce 2015 Bursary Award Winners PDF (18.63mb)
17-Feb-2015 Association of Dental Groups announces 2015 Bursary Award Winners PDF (9.10mb)
04-Feb-2015 Making it work for you PDF (44.19kb)
16-Jan-2015 Raising Awareness of Oral Cancer PDF (2.53mb)
16-Jan-2015 Oral cancer: early detection PDF (79.25kb)
16-Jan-2015 Supporting charities around the world PDF (4.68mb)
16-Jan-2015 “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” Henry Ford PDF (60.02kb)
14-Apr-2014 Association of Dental Groups Inaugural Bursary winners announced PDF (40.76kb)
11-Apr-2014 Association of Dental Groups encouraged by Earl Howe’s BDA Conference address PDF (90.87kb)
23-Jan-2014 Association of Dental Groups Chooses Bridge2Aid for Charitable Partnership PDF (94.28kb)
19-Nov-2013 GPs under pressure from patients seeking advice on oral health issues PDF (64.12kb)
17-Oct-2013 Association of Dental Groups launches new Mouth Cancer CPD Module. PDF (37.03kb)
Sep-2013 Read the Chair of the ADG, David Worskett, feature in The Dentist, on the importance of dental students learning about professionalism and management. PDF (73.25kb)
27-Nov-2012 Statement regarding OFT “Right to Smile” Campaign PDF (19.93kb)
29-May-2012 Statement regarding OFT report PDF (22.29kb)
13-Jan-2012 Submission to Office of Fair Trading PDF (35.69kb)
12-Dec-2011 ADG responds to Consultation on new Provider Licence PDF (55.02kb)
01-Oct-2011 Genix Healthcare joins the Association of Dental Groups PDF (74.35kb)
21-Sep-2011 The Association of Dental Groups welcomes EU decision on regulation of tooth whitening products PDF (75.58kb)
06-Jan-2011 Earl Howe today welcomes the new Association of Dental Groups PDF (76.91kb)

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